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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Getting Started
Efficiency has always been an important factor in the profitability of a business. The importance of efficiency is especially relevant in the current economic climate where producing high profits is tougher than ever. Central to business efficiency is the process of recruiting, training and managing staff which needs to be organised correctly.

Our Outsourcing Services Department
Our Outsourcing Services Department is divided into the below categories:

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Financial Management
Treasury Management
Payroll Services?

We provide these services across our network of offices in Mainland China and Hong Kong to support and add value to businesses and clients.

Why Choose LehmanBrown?
One possible concern for a firm is having staff performing certain tasks that they are not specialised in and therefore lack the resources to carry them out. Outsourcing can help counter this and even have long term managerial benefits in streamlined areas of a company. At LehmanBrown, we work closely with you to help resolve the relevant issues faced by your company using our knowledge and expertise gathered through years of experience

Financial Management?
LehmanBrown can assist companies in running their finance functions. This can include our finance manager function services for planning, organising or directly controlling financial activities, or interim financial management services including interim accounting and admin support for periods where such interim management might be required. We offer a comprehensive Chief Financial Officer (CFO) function.

Treasury Management?
Corporate treasury management in China can prove incredibly complex, LehmanBrown can assist companies in establishing and maintaining efficient strategies for overcoming the many laws and regulations that hinder the smooth running of operations in China.

Our treasury management services include bank account set-up assistance: payment facilitation, loan account set-up, capital account set-up, internet banking, foreign currency bank account set-up and RMB bank account set-up.

Payroll Services
Due to the labour law constantly evolving, demand for professional in-country payroll services is growing. LehmanBrown can offer professional, quick, and highly reliable accounting practices to relieve the stress of following payroll regulation, allowing you to focus on sales and growth. We provide a wide array of payroll services such as payroll processing setup, and are well equipped to deliver specific services relating to local and expatriate employees.

Accounting & Bookkeeping?
With China’s fast growing accounting sector, it can prove difficult for many firms to keep on top of new legislation and accounting standards. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping operations to LehmanBrown and our professional and long standing accounting team will provide you with tailor-made solutions in a manner which is fast accurate, clear and concise. Our budgeting and forecasting team can ensure that financial targets are met, and when it comes to financial statement preparation we can guarantee efficiency and quality.

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Further Resources for Your Business
You can find out more about the full scope of our outsourcing services throughout this section of our website and via the?FAQ resources, which have structured guidelines around key China business?issues including Advice for Foreign Invested Enterprises, Treasury Management and Accounting Practice & Regulations.