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Professional Services

Professional Services

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China’s economic growth has emphasised further the need for corporate compliance to meet China’s statutory requirements. Our experienced team at LehmanBrown have experience in handling?matters of?Audit?and Assurance, and corporate compliance requirements for businesses of all sizes and our client base ranges from some of the most recognisable brands in the world to small, agile and entrepreneurial businesses. This broad experience gives LehmanBrown the unique advantage of?being able to add?value to your business regardless of size, industry or sector.

Our Professional Services Department
Our Professional Services Department is divided into the below categories:

Audit & Assurance
Valuation Services
Corporate Finance
Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide these services across our network of offices in Mainland China and Hong Kong to support and add value to businesses and clients.

Why Choose LehmanBrown?
Here at LehmanBrown, we have tailored our professional accounting services so that they prove an incontrovertibly worthwhile and enriching enterprise for any client. Professionalism is a culture that has been embedded into LehmanBrown, and for us, this means going the extra mile to ensure your needs are met to the highest standard possible by our qualified accountants.

Audit & Assurance?
LehmanBrown offers comprehensive audit services for both local and overseas, reporting requirements including a restatement of financial accounts for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), US GAAP compliance, China Statutory Audit, and Hong Kong Statutory Audit. We also conduct Pre IPO and Post IPO audits and are licensed to issue audit reports on financial statements.

We can provide both external and internal audit services, which incorporate specifically tailored elements, including fraud and financial misstatement investigation and forensic accounting. LehmanBrown is also equipped to conduct special purpose audits which can encompass or focus solely upon activities such as foreign currency audits, royalty audits or capital verification audits.

Valuation Services
We provide an extensive range of valuation services. Corporate valuation services are designed to assist clients with valuation issues related to tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions transactions, corporate restructuring and dispute resolution.

Some of our most frequently requested corporate valuation services include damage assessment valuation, intellectual property valuation, and appraisal services for valuation of assets for both setting up new fixed asset records for allocation of purchase price and for determining the value of assets for insurable valuation.

LehmanBrown can also provide special purposes valuation for both the public and private sector, assisting in an adaptive reuse of special purpose property, and managing disposal and acquisitions of special purpose property.

Corporate Finance
At LehmanBrown, we help to look for ways to free up capital, increase profitability, and decrease expenses. We offer comprehensive debt restructuring services, negotiating with bankers, creditors, vendors, and tax authorities in an efficient manner. We can also help in debt mediation for smaller companies wanting to restructure their operations for a leaner position in the market. Our acquisition, disposal and financing services create both stability and capacity for growth in our clients.

Mergers & Acquisitions
LehmanBrown’s practised and honed skills in corporate strategy, corporate finance, and management puts us in an excellent position to offer advice, knowledge and expertise for all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Services pertaining to mergers and acquisitions include transaction advisory, M&A Divestiture, M&A Integration, and financial due diligence.

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Further Resources for Your Business
You can find out more about the full scope of our Professional Services throughout this section of our website and via the?FAQ resources, which have structured guidelines around key China business issues including Accounting Practice & Regulations and M&A.